Nové lokality v srdci Liberce!

Tento týden jsme uvedli do provozu tři nové plakátovací plochy v Liberci. Delší dobu nedostupná lokalita Dr. M. Horákové (MHD Stavokombinát) je již opět připravena pro Vaše kampaně a spolu s ní dvě zcela nové plakátovací plochy ve středu Liberce, a to v lokalitách Papírové náměstí (Parkoviště) a Papírová ulička (Trafika). Kompletní přehled všech plakátovacích ploch v Liberci naleznete ZDE.

Nové plakátovací plochy v Brně

Na území městské části Brno - Bystrc jsme instalovali 8 ks nových plakátovacích válců a doplnili jsme tak stávající soubor plakátovacích ploch v této městské části. Přehled všech plakátovacích ploch v Brně je ZDE.

Atraktivní forma komunikace

Pro Divadlo Josefa Kajetána Tyla realizujeme zajímavý celopolep válce v centru Plzně. Atraktivní forma komunikace za zajímavou cenu. Každý si Vás VŠIMNE!

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Zákopnická 354/11, 460 14 Liberec
IČ: 25420160 DIČ: CZ25420160
telefon – zákaznický servis: 841 601 841

Short info about placarding by RENGL

Company RENGL is focused on placarding campaigns – by printing and pasting up your posters on hoarding boards. We operate the largest hoarding boards network in the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, consisting of 3,000 hoarding boards in 90 towns.

We offer:

Poster campaigns - outdoor hoarding boards

We arrange for you a billboard campaign (pasting up bills), including all related services, on billboards almost over the whole of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We operate most billboards directly, in some towns we cooperate with local companies.

How does it work?

We paste up bills of various sizes (formats from A4 to A0) on billboards in pasting-up days specified by the customer for an arbitrary period of time. We accept orders in dozens offices. We will be pleased to receive your bills in the offices, help you completing the order form and accept the payment amounting the price of the order. Our trained staff will subsequently arrange not only pasting-up of your bills but also for their continuous maintenance over the whole of the campaign duration ordered. If you want, we will send you, after the completion of pasting up, by e-mail a list of the billboards on which your bills have been pasted up. For a reasonable charge, we well be pleased to provide a photo-documentation of your billboard campaign.

What are the prices?

The price of a billboard campaign depends on the number and size of your billboards as well as the duration of the billboard campaign. You can check our current price-lists for individual towns or examples of billboard campaigns covering areas of various sites.

Outdoor banners

Banners are installed in an easily visible place in the top of billboards or advertising cylinders. They employ the attractive position of advertising spaces in busy places. They are self-adhesive advertising banners with graphic design according to your requirements. Unlike bills, they are suitable for long-term (months- or year-long) campaigns.

Other services

In addition , we can provide a graphic design or print of your bills. In case of any questions or wishes or if you want more information, please complete the simple contact form:

Your name / company
Your e-mail address
Your phone